Biographical Abstracts

Biographies are abstracted in the following format: surname, given names; place of birth date of birth > arrival in OR year > date of arrival in Coos County [death date]; name of spouse [place and/or date of birth] date of marriage place of marriage. For additional information [when available], contact Sherri Goodman. Some biographies list children, siblings, parents, occupations and other information. Other biographies have little more than what has been entered on the abstract pages.  Abstracts have been taken from:

History of Coos and Curry County
Orville Dodge

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NOTE:This material has been abstracted just as shown in the book[s]. If there was an error in county names that was readily apparent, I corrected the county name to reflect the current spelling. The biography section in Dodges' History has many obvious typographical and printing errors which I have made no effort to resolve.

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