History and Maps

Coos County was formed in December, 1853, included the Coast territory on the west from the California line extending north to within eight miles of the Umpqua river, from the western portions of Umpqua & Jackson counties.  This area was inhabited by members of the Coos, Coquille & Rogue River Indians.  The principal rivers are the Coos River, & Coquille River with its several branches; South Fork, Middle Fork, North Fork and the East branch of the North Fork.  The primary resources consist of timber, coal deposits, fishing industry and shipping.  Port Orford, now in Curry Co., was the first settlement in Coos.  This natural harbor was first discovered by Don Martin D.Aguilar in 1795, however, it was named and extensively explored by Capt. George Vancouver.  No further landings or settlements were made until after the discover of gold in Northern California & Southern Oregon in 1850-51.  With the intent of supplying the miners on the southern Oregon rivers, settlers began to arrive and settled along the river valleys since the waterways were the only reasonable means of travel in the early days.  As word got out about the temperate climate and rich bottom lands, more settlers arrived to develop farms, start villages and log the timber.  The principal cities/towns of Coos County include:  North Bend,  Coos Bay,  Bandon,  Lakeside, Charleston,  Coquille and  Myrtle Point.

County Boundary Changes

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