1870 Coos County, OR
         Federal Census,
    As Enumerated,  p. 228

Standard state abbreviations have been used for state of birth.  For persons born outside of the United States, I have used the standardized abbreviations used in the Roots Surname List.  Additionally, I have used the following abbreviations where appropriate:
lab    =    laborer
k/h    =    keeping house
r/r    =    cannot read or write  -- in citizenship column
r/    =    cannot read  --  in citizenship column
/w    =    cannot write  --  in citizenship column
sch    =    individual attended school during the census year
f/     =    in citizenship column indicates the father of this person was foreign born
/f    =    in citizenship column indicates the mother of this person was foreign born
f/f    =     in citizenship column means both parents  were foreign born

p. 228
212/212 Samuel S. Mann 50mw coalmine owner & operator 30000/1500 MA  cit
Mrs. Ella T. 32fw kh MA
Charles S. 6mw OR school
Frederick A. 3mw OR

213/213 Patk Flannagan 44mw coalmine owner & operator 6000/- Ireland f/f  cit
Mrs. Ellen J. 27fw kh MI
Kate Florence 10fw OR father foreign sch
Edward George 7mw OR father foreign school
Mary Ellen 3fw CA father foreign
James Henry 1mw OR father foreign
Henry L. Witt 30mw laborer -/300 Hanover f/f

214/214 William Archer 62mw farmer -/100 Scotland f/f

215/215 Thomas Hirst 35mw farmer -/4000 England f/f  cit
Mrs. Louisa A. 32fw kh England f/f

216/216 Thomas Morris 22mw farmer -/- England f/f

217/217 John Bear 28mw laborer -/400 Russia f/f
Peter 31mw laborer -/- Russia f/f

218/218 T.J. Davis 42mw farmer -/600 KY  cit
Mrs. Malinda 37fw kh IN
Frances E. 15fw ah OR school
John A. 13mw ah OR school
William N. 11mw ah OR school
E.J. Jennings 31mw clerk  -/- IL  cit

219/219 George W. Sleeper 37mw lumberman -/- NH  cit
Mrs. Mary 17fw kh CO
Frank 9/12mw OR   oct

220/220 Jere C. Haynes 40mw lumberman -/- OH  cit
Mrs. L.   29fw kh NY
Ida E. 12fw CA school  no write
Alice E. 10fw OR school no write
Frank R. 8mw OR school
Charles F. 6mw OR
Louisa 3fw OR
Jeremiah 11/12mw OR  July

221/221 George T. Sullivan 47mw miner -/- NY father foreign  cit
J.L. Slan 28mw farmer -/- IL  cit

222/222 William R. Pogne 29mw farmer -/250 IL f/f  cit
Mrs. L.A. 28fw kh OH
Myron E. 8mw OR
Mary Bell 5fw OR
p. 228B
Nettie I. 3fw Or
Ida 1fw OR

223/223 George Gudger 28mw farm laborer -/- England f/f  cit
Edward Cayward 27mw farm laborer -/- Belgium f/f  cit
Nelson Olsen 31mw farm laborer -/- Sweden f/f  cit
O.H. Helburn 33mw  ME  cit
George Chadd 26mw cook -/- England f/f
James boyle 24mw -/- IA insane

224/224 George W. Kall 36mw farmer -/500 ME  cit
Mrs. Martha J. 23fw kh IA
Louisa J. 3fw OR

225/225 M.A. Aiken 28fw -/- PA  cit
Glenn H. Aiken 32mw -/2400 PA  cit
Shamas Donley 34mw -/400 MA f/f  cit
Henry I. Collier 25mw 850/150 IL  cit
Robert Beck 30mw -/- England f/f
James A. Waller 35mw -/- TN  cit
Nelson Lewis 27mw -/- NH  cit
William Hamerberg 28mw -/1500 Sweden f/f  cit
Allen Collier 21mw -/- IA  cit
R.B. Palmer 33m2 -/- IN  cit
Agust Lund 14mw -/- Sweden f/f
Samuel Larken 62mw farm laborer -/- ME  cit

226/226 Henry Hathaway 40mw farm laborer -/- OH  cit
Mrs. Mary 30fw school teacher NY
George 1mw IA

227/227 L.E. Lathrop 64mw farmer -/300 NY  cit

228/228 Job Angel 36mw farmer -/200 RI  cit

229/229 Robert M. Strong 38mw farmer -/600 England f/f
Mrs. Evaline 24fw kh IA
Charles Edward 5mw OR father foreign
Ida Jane 3fw OR father foreign
Hulda E. 1fw OR father foreign

230/230 Hirum Bailey 61mw farmer -/100 KY  cit
George A.C. 12mw NE school  no write
Jessie Fouts 50mw farmer -/2000 NC no r/r  cit

231/231 Elizabeth Fouts 44fw kh IN
John Loma 16mw OR school
Hecor G. 14mw OR school
Sarah M. 12fw OR school

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