1870 Coos County, OR
         Federal Census,
    As Enumerated,  p. 229

Standard state abbreviations have been used for state of birth.  For persons born outside of the United States, I have used the standardized abbreviations used in the Roots Surname List.  Additionally, I have used the following abbreviations where appropriate:
lab    =    laborer
k/h    =    keeping house
r/r    =    cannot read or write  -- in citizenship column
r/    =    cannot read  --  in citizenship column
/w    =    cannot write  --  in citizenship column
sch    =    individual attended school during the census year
f/     =    in citizenship column indicates the father of this person was foreign born
/f    =    in citizenship column indicates the mother of this person was foreign born
f/f    =     in citizenship column means both parents  were foreign born

p. 229
232/232 Thomas R. Willard 45mw house carpenter -/- NY  cit
Mrs. Rachel 41fw kh IL
Belven 14fw ah IL school
Eliza 5fw IL
Titus 3mw IL

233/233 David Drew 24mw blacksmith -/- NY  cit
Mrs. Mary 21fw school teacher IL
Thomas 5/12mw CA Jan

234/234 Joseph Collier 52mw farmer 1500/700 OH  cit
Mrs. H.J. 47fw kh OH no write
B. Franklin 16mw IA school
Jane 14fw IA school
Charles 12mw IA school
George 8mw OR school
Sarah 6fw OR school
Hannah 3fw OR

235/235 Samuel Smith 36mw farmer -/400 OH father foreign  cit
Mrs. Mary E. 19fw kh OH  no write
Benjamin F. 3mw OR
Catharine A. 1fw OR

236/236 Benjamin Figg 32mw farmer 2000/980 England f/f    married in Jan
Mrs. Catharine 27fw kh IRE f/f

237/237 Catharine Johnston 8fw England f/f
Edward 4mw WA f/f
Emily A. 2fw CA f/f

238/238 C.H. Norman 35mw blacksmith -/225 MO  cit

239/239 R.W. Nosler 48mw farmer 1000/200 TN  cit
Mrs. M. Jane 35fw kh IN
Quincy H. 15mw IA
Laurie E. 13fw NE
Florence U. 12fw NE
Abraham L. 9mw NE
Frank Seigel 8mw NE
Julia Anne 6fw NV
Ada May 11/12fw OR  June
H.E. Nosler 24mw farmer -/400 IN  cit

240/240 James Counts 67mw farmer 1000/1100 OH  cit
Mrs. S.F. 30fw kh OH f/f  no write
Sarah Jane 9fw OR mother foreign
Daniel B. 6mw OR mother foreign
p. 229B
George W.  4mw OR mother foreign
James L. 1mw OR mother foreign

241/241 Daniel R. Deil 37mw farmer -/350 MO  cit
Mrs. M.E. 19fw kh MO
David W. 3mw OR
Melissa H. 1fw OR
baby 4/12mw OR  feb

242/242 Robert Panther 64mw farmer 100/400 England f/f  cit

243/243 Jonathan Gillman 70mw farmer -/- ME  cit

244/244 W.L. Hayter 45mw farmer 1000/575 MO  cit
Mrs. Sarah C. 29fw kh MO
Theodocia 13fw OR
Richard M. 11mw OR no write
Melvin 9mw OR
James 6mw OR
William R. 4mw OR
Precilla A. 3fw OR
Cora 1fw OR
Ella 1fw OR

245/245 Alexander Stauff 31mw farmer -/580 Darmstad f/f  cit

246/246 T.B. Willard 54mw farmer 2000/417 NY  cit

247/247 John Cronberg 44mw farmer 1000/8000 Austria f/f  cit
Mrs. C.E. 34fw kh MD f/f
Emma F. 13fw ah CA f/f
John L. 8mw OR f/f
Fred William 5mw OR f/f
Rachel A. 3fw OR f/f
Ida Hale 1/12fw OR f/f  apr

248/248 W.R. Wallace 44mw farmer -/- PA cit

249/249 Samuel W. Gilman 36mw house carpenter -/100 IN  cit

250/250 H.J. Schroeder 29mw farmer 1500/1500 MD f/f  cit
Mrs. Emily 24fw kh OR
Dora 7fw OR
Mary 5fw OR
William 4mw OR
Ella 2fw

251/251 Shamus C. Witted 49mw farmer 1200/1000 TN  cit
Maria I. 8fw OR
Lenius L. 6mw OR
Irvin Rudd 4mw OR

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