1870 Coos County, OR
         Federal Census,
    As Enumerated,  p. 224

Standard state abbreviations have been used for state of birth.  For persons born outside of the United States, I have used the standardized abbreviations used in the Roots Surname List.  Additionally, I have used the following abbreviations where appropriate:
lab    =    laborer
k/h    =    keeping house
r/r    =    cannot read or write  -- in citizenship column
r/    =    cannot read  --  in citizenship column
/w    =    cannot write  --  in citizenship column
sch    =    individual attended school during the census year
f/     =    in citizenship column indicates the father of this person was foreign born
/f    =    in citizenship column indicates the mother of this person was foreign born
f/f    =     in citizenship column means both parents  were foreign born

p. 224
Sarah Bonebrake 18fw IA
William I. 15mw lab IA

123/123 M.J. Stock 30 mw farmer -/470 OH    Cit
Mrs. Jane 28fw kh IL
Dora 11 fw IA no r/r
James 7mw CA
William 7mw CA
Jasper 6mw OR
Edmund 4mw OR
May 2fw OR

124/124 John Newman 44m2 farm laborer -/150 OH  cit
Ann K. 50 fw kh OH
Mary 17fw IA
Martha 15fw IA
Pyrena 13fw IA
John M. 11mw IA no r/r

125/125 Russell Stevans 39mw farmer -/300 PA  cit
Mrs. Nancy J. 49fw kh NC
John C. Epesen 21mw farm laborer IA  cit
Nancy M. Piper 13 fw at home IA

126/126 Erick J. Nyburg 42mw farmer -/300 Russia f/f

127/127 Charles White 50mw lumberman -/- MD  cit
John L. Blinn 45mw house carpenter -/- ME  cit
Robert McDonald 28mw laborer -/- ME  cit

128/128 William H. Noble 26mw lumberman 1000/1500 AR  cit
Mary E. 22fw kh OH
Hanisen C. 2mw OR
G. S. Rhoades 10mw CA school
Fred Watson 34mw farm laborer -/- Russia f/f
Samuel Durain 21mw farm laborer -/150 ME  cit

129/129 Thomas R. Music 48mw farmer -/300 MO  cit
Mrs. Lucy A. 35fw kh MO
James A. 17mw laborer OR
Thomas L. 15mw OR
Benjamin F. 12mw OR no write
William C. 10mw OR no write
Mary E. 7fw OR
Eddie 4fw OR
Charles A. 1mw OR

130/130 James Masters 26mw farmer -/300 IL  cit
p. 224B
Mrs. L. Masters 23fw kh IN
Edwin O. 5mw OR
Elijah J. 3mw OR
Ellen S. 1fw OR

131/131 Charles Hamer 37mw farmer 1500/1000 PA  cit

132/132 John B. Dully 37mw farmer 175/2500 PA  cit
Amelia 30fi kh OR no r/r
Fanny 13fi OR school

133/133 O.N. Stickney 47mw farmer -/1130 NY  cit
Burgill Stickney 52mw farm laborer -/- VT  cit

134/134 John Conner 51mw farmer -/- VA  cit
Mrs. Catherine A. 44fw kh OH no r/r
John W. 25mw farmer IA  cit
Nancy M. 15mw at home OR
Christine M. 14fw OR no write
Melinda E. 11 fw OR no r/r
Job A. 6mw OR
Charles Jas. 4mw OR
William C. 6/12mw OR nov

135/135 Ephraim Catching 37mw farmer -/1500 TN  cit
Charles H. 11mi OR no r/r
Andrew 7mi OR
John Scott 25mw farm laborer -/170 Scotland f/f
William Waters 23mw farm laborer -/100 NY  cit
H.M. Twitchell 27fw farm laborer -/- ME  cit
H.T. Hall 20mw farmlaborer -/350 RI father foreign
Samuel Whipple 30mw farmer -/- NY father foreign  cit
Anson Brightman 37mw cook -/- VT  cit
John C. Pierce 31mw farm laborer -/300 ME father foreign  cit
John Bonebrake 22mw farm laborer -/- IA  cit
Martha Ann Bonebrake 19fw kh OH
George Alvey 2mw OR
H. McLaughlan 31mw farm laborer -/- NY  cit
Milton Eperson 29mw farm laborer -/200 IN  cit
Dav. Palmenteer 24mw farm laborer -/- PA  cit
Bartin Millar 29mw farm laborer -/800 IL  cit

136/136 Thomas Floyd 29mw farm laborer -/- ME  cit
Thomas Todd 34mw farmer -/1600 KY  cit
Wilbert Lecwic 40mw farmer -/3700 NY  cit
Thomas Field 26 mw farm laborer -/- New York f/f   cit
this household has additional individuals listed at the beginning of p. 225

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