1870 Coos County, OR
         Federal Census,
    As Enumerated,  p. 225

Standard state abbreviations have been used for state of birth.  For persons born outside of the United States, I have used the standardized abbreviations used in the Roots Surname List.  Additionally, I have used the following abbreviations where appropriate:
lab    =    laborer
k/h    =    keeping house
r/r    =    cannot read or write  -- in citizenship column
r/    =    cannot read  --  in citizenship column
/w    =    cannot write  --  in citizenship column
sch    =    individual attended school during the census year
f/     =    in citizenship column indicates the father of this person was foreign born
/f    =    in citizenship column indicates the mother of this person was foreign born
f/f    =     in citizenship column means both parents  were foreign born

p. 225
Thomas Kelly 27mw farm laborer -/- IRE f/f  cit
George Jenkins 67mw farm laborer -/- ME  cit
John Sullivan 25mw farm laborer -/- IRE f/f  cit
Benson Walton 33mw coalminer -/- IL  cit

137/137 Andrew Nashburg 30mw general merchant (R) 2500/8000 Sweden f/f  cit

138/138 W.G. Cunningham 34mw farm laborer -/- IN  cit
Mrs. Mary 27fw kh KY
Nelly 8fw OR school no write
Edward B. 5mw OR
James C. 2mw OR

139/139 William H. Tyrrel 34mw house carpenter -/- England f/f
Mrs. M. F. 38fw kh 1500/300 MO

140/140 Donald McIntosh 24mw ship carpenter -/- England f/f
John Levar 32mw wks in sawmill -/2000 MA f/f  cit
E.M. Sprague 28mw wks in sawmill -/1000 ME  cit

141/141 Mrs. Catherine Sprague 19fw kh OR
Mary Bell 7/12fw OR nov
Julia Delewis 11fi domestic servant OR sch no r/r

142/142 John McNamara 47mw hotelkeeper -/1500 IRE f/f   cit

143/143 Mrs. M.A. McNamara 35fw kh KY
M.J. 5fw CA
John F. 3mw CA
D. Webster 1mw OR
Edwin Rose 13mw Australia father foreign school
Mrs. Nancy McIntosh 21fw kh MO
R.J. Huanston 40mw ship carpenter -/- PA  cit

144/144 George Stauff 41mw house carpenter 1000/2000 Darmstad f/f  cit
Hennetta 34fw kh Darmstdat f/f
Carolina E. 11fw CA f/f school
Louisa 9fw OR f/f
Emma 6fw OR f/f school
George H. 1mw OR f/f

145/145 Joseph W. Seeley 51mw jeweller -/3000 England f/f  cit
Adelaide C. 40fw England f/f

146/146 A.H. Gilmore 57mw wks in sawmill -/- NY  cit
Mrs. Sally 59fw kh OH

147/147 Henrietta M. Gilmore 23fw kh PA
Emma A. 6fw WA school
Anne J. 4fw CA
H. Grant 2mw CA

p. 225B
148/148 R.G. Smith 26mw wks in sawmill -/- CN  cit
Mrs. H.E. 15fw kh -/200 IN

149/149 H. ...rolinger 22mw wks in sawmill -/200 IN  cit
Mrs. M.A. 20fw kh IN

150/150 Frank Lingnam 37mw wks in sawmill -/200 Russia f/f
Mrs. Johana 24fw kh Russia f/f
Mary 10/12fw OR f/f aug

151/151 Julius Lausen 28mw wks in sawmill -/200 Norway f/f
Mrs. Mary 21fw kh Nor f/f
Jenny C. 4fw CA f/f
"#3333FF">Herman 1mw OR f/f
Mrs. Mary 51fw at home Nor f/f

152/152 Christ Lausen 20mw -/200 Norway f/f

153/153 Patrick Lyden 34mw laborer -/500 Ireland f/f

154/154 George Hamilton 76mw -/500 NJ f/f  cit
J.F. Bater 57mw cook -/- Baden f/f  cit
William Christensen 25mw ship carpenter -/1000 Denmark f/f
R.E. Scranton 34mw farm laborer -/400 CT  cit

155/155 A.P. DeCuis 52mw saloon keeper -/1000 OH  cit

156/156 John Norman 34mw black smith -/2000 Norway f/f

157/157 Joseph Cissna 34mw saloon keeper -/300 OH  cit
Eugene J. Finn 31mw laborer -/- MA f/f  cit
Jas. H. Smith 24mw lab -/250 IL  cit
John Smith 30mw laborer -/- Norway f/f
John Mitchell 45mw laborer -/- Scotland f/f
David Wassen 41mw goldminer -/- OH  cit

158/158 William Whyke 63mw saloon keeper 200/- England f/f  cit

159/159 Thomas White 32mw ship carpenter -/- ME  cit
John Williams 31mw wks in sawmill -/- RI  cit

160/160 Frederick W. Seigel 48mw hotel keeper 500/800 Saxony f/f  cit
Annie C. 51fw kh Baden f/f
Charles Herman 35mw cook -/- Saxony f/f  cit
Joseph Fergusen 23mw domestic servant -/- NY f/f  cit

161/161 Susan A. Wyley 16fw domestic servant MO mother foreign no read
John Brown 36mw laborer -/- Russia f/f/ no write
Agust Frinman 47mw laborer -/- Russia f/f no write  cit

162/162 Edward Dunries 30mw laborer -/- France f/f  cit
S.F. Leonard 44mw baker -/- MA  cit

163/163 Oley Holland 39mw laborer  -/- Norway f/f
John Claussen 26mw laborer -/- Prussia f/f

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