Lookup Volunteers

To request a lookup, click on the email address of the person, and ask nicely for a lookup in XXXX records, according to what the volunteer owns. Please limit your requests to one or two names, and make sure you say "Thank you".

Do you have a book or resource about Washington County? If so, why not volunteer to help others doing research here? If you are interested, please contact Jan

Deborah Flynn-Guinther
I will do simple death searches so that people can obtain copies of death certificates. I do not do research. For example I will not look up all one surname to see if a possible family member died in a certain county, etc. I don't have the time for that. But what I am willing to do is give death date, county and the phone number for more information. If this will help, let me know.
If you would like what I have collected on the George and Bertha Scott-Patterson family, let me know. I am burning cd's of the info. This way I can share the info.
Contact: Gerry (Munkres) Davis


  Resources: "Records of Washington County, Oregon, Volumes One and Two, Marriage records 1842-80, 1881-96", compiled by May Ringle Lepschat and Gyneth S. Balfour, published by the Genealogical Forum of Portland.
Contact: Sara Greer   Resources: Grandparent's high school yearbooks. Recently rescued from a garage sale, this series of five books covers the years 1928 through 1932 at Tigard High School.

"These books have a wealth of information about our grandparents who lived in the Tigard-Newberg area."