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Credits to Volunteers

This page will honor all whom have contributed resources or transcribed records for this county since 1997.

A million thanks go to the volunteer transcribers listed below. Without them there would be few transcriptions. There are arguably upwards of 300 cemeteries situated in this county and some are  after ten years still unknown to us. If you know about a cemetery not listed here, please provide the name and location and we will add it to this list and then try to recruit a transcriber who live nearby  to transcribe and photograph the unknown cemetery.

<> Sean Beghtol
Tom Burrows
Annie Meyer. Jo Ann
Lisa Breiland

Peggy R Carol and Jim Hilsenkopf
Forest View Forest Grove
Shelley Van Loo
Wendy Berger Joan E. Hamilton
Eagle Scout Troop 547 Aloha, OR.
Erik Christensen team leader
Judy Kellar Fox Claudia Whacleft
Eagle Scout Troop 859
Portland, OR.
Xander Hacking team leader.
Tracy Mason Don Kelly
Claudia Fassold Joshua Taylor and Eagle Scouts
704 photos of Cornelius Methodist Church cemetery.
David Samuelson
Cindy Wiren and Michael Magar.
August 29, 2009
Middleton Cemetery
St. Francis of Assisi
Roy, Oregon
Fir Lawn, Hillsboro
Tracy Hanchett