Pleasant View Cemetery
Sherwood, Washington County, Oregon

Lat: 4524'35"N, Lon: 12259'27"W

R1W T3S Sec 5

Contributed by Deanna J Warren, Jul 30, 2001 [].
Total records = 1,407.

Reprinted courtesy of Lucille Geigle author of "Walking Through The Cemeteries" volume II Winter 1993, used by permission.

This cemetery was first known as Pleasant Hill but was later changed to Pleasant View when it was discovered that the name was already being used. We do not know at this time when the name was changed.

Pleasant View was established on or before 1866, It was on the DLC of Moses Matthew Baker. On his stone it read "Donated the land for this cemetery May 15, 1886"

The Cemetery is 3 acres in size and has approximately 2500 graves. It is about 4 miles south of Sherwood in the Pleasant Hill district. The cemetery is fenced and has 3 gates, two of which are locked. The west gate is left unlocked. This cemetery is still in use. Some graves (probably earlier than 1866) are not marked, but many pioneers in that area have stones. Mr. Taylor has the Sexton records and they helped to fill in names for the graves without stones.


- Dee Warren