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Subject : Re: [ORWASHIN] Old Methodist Church on Farmington Road.
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Sun, Jul 25, 2010 09:52 AM
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_see Hillsboro Argus 21 June 2005   "BridgingThe Tualatin"

28 Sep 2009
also picutre of 1882 Building

  Farmington / Bridgeport Map

The pioneer congregation at Farmington no longer exists, but we can  
trace its beginning to the home of Philip and Sarah Harris. They had  
crossed the plains in 1845 and made Bridgeport their home and are  
listed among the 1845 pioneers. The first home services recorded are  
in 1846. Sometimes the church was called Christ Church at Bridgeport.  
A log cabin building was constructed in 1852. The community evidently  
changed its name to Farmington because of the conflict with another  
community named Bridgeport. The new name was probably in honor of  
Farmington, Connecticut.                             Stephenie Flora  
has listed the pioneers of 1845.

George W. Richardson reports holding a protracted meeting in August  
of 1855. H. H. Hendrix had helped get the church underway several  
years before.

Harris began ferry service across the Tualatin River and then built a  
bridge. The modern bridge at that location today is named in his  
honor, although one risks their life to read the plaque on the  
bridge. The community was serviced by steamship in its early days.
Early Ministers:
Underlined names
lead to personal profiles.
H. H. Hendrix
G. W. Richardson
H. B. Morgan
J. A. Campbell


Like many congregations, the church was restarted in 1863 with "Judge  
Humphry and wife, Philip Harris and wife, Mr. Richie and others." The  
reference is probably to Thomas Dabney Humphrey who in 1887 became an  
elder at the Hillsboro Christian Church. T. D. and Elizabeth Ann  
Humphrey are buried in the Hillsboro Pioneer Cemetery. They came  
overland in 1847.

Other members of the church included Robert A. Carpenter, David  
Campbell and Peter Scholl, a trustee of the church. The town of  
Scholls, south and east of Farmington bears his name.

G. W. Richardson was the first minister to devote his full attention  
to the ministry of the Word at Farmington. His uncle, Nathaniel  
(Natty) Carpenter Richardson, farmed near town and that may have been  
the connection in getting G. W. Richardson to this location.

Others following were H.B. Morgan and James A. Campbell who grew up  
at Farmington and began preaching there at 18. These preachers were  
all pioneers themselves, having traveled the Oregon Trail.

Farmington Christian Church - 4.5 K
1882 Farmington
Church building

  Baptisms were in the Tualatin River near the church building. The  
log building was replaced by the building pictured in 1882.

A note in the 1889 Christian Standard reports a successful meeting  
held by George P. Rich. Twelve additions were reported.

The scattered "old timers" continued to return each summer for the  
annual picnic in the Christian Church park as recently as the 1960's.  
Today the church building and park have been replaced by a garden  
plot. No trace remains of the former days.

Pioneer Reminder: The Philip Harris Bridge on Highway 10 at Farmington.
On Jul 24, 2010, at 11:56 PM, donkelly wrote:

> Christy Johnson is investigating a story that a Methodist Church  
> once existed long ago and may have a cemetery with it.
> Land records suggest the church sat on the corner of River Road and  
> Farmington Road on the opposite corner from where the bar and  
> restaurant has sat for a long time.
> Christy walked the site and found no remnants of a church or  
> cemetery. She took some pictures in the woods behind where the  
> church would have been, but no signs of graves can be found.
> If anyone knows about that old church, and whether there was a  
> cemetery on the church grounds, please let us know so we can follow  
> up.
> Thanks all.
> donkelly
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