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Early Church History
An Illustrated History of
Western Historical Publishing Company, Publishers, Spokane, Washington, 1905
Page 151-152
September 3, 1872, the First Baptist Church of the Dalles was organized. Articles of incorporation were filed with the county clerk January 8, 1873. Until 1881 the church was served by various pastors. In December of that year Rev. O.D. Taylor came from Orange, New Jersey, where he had been associated with Edward Judson, D.D., and assumed the pastorate of the church. In 1883 their property on the corner of Third and Washington streets was sold, and a new church and parsonage were erected at the corner of Washington and Fifth streets. In 1889 it was considered one of the best church properties on the coast.  In May, 1887, Rev. J,C, Baker was called to the pastorate, which he held for one year, when he resigned and Rev. O.D. Taylor once again entered into active charge of the church.  Like all others on the coast the First Baptist Church of The Dalles has encountered prosperity and adversity, but it is now on a firm foundation and its future most encouraging.

April 20, 1889, articles of incorporation were filed with the clerk of Wasco county by the Second Baptist Church of The Dalles.  The incorporators were John Harper, M.J. and L.L. Hill. The capital stock was placed at $2,000.

Calvary Baptist Church was dedicated at The Dalles January 27, 1901.  The coast of the  edifice was $2,508.07, and when dedicated it was nearly free of debt.  The building is a credit to the city and the funds for this handsome edifice were secured from a congregation of only about forty people.

A concise and excellent history of St. Paul's Episcopal Church was published in the Times-Mountaineer of January 1, 1898, and we are highly favored in being able to reproduce it:
"Very little is known of the early history of this church in The Dalles. Some of the oldest residents remember visits from the Right Rev. Thomas F. Scott, D.D., Rev. H.M. Fackler, D.D., Dr. McCarthy, Dr. Stoye, Dr. Nevius and others. A child of the Hon. D.K. Kelly was baptized by Dr. Fackler, D.D., in 1866, and in 1871 Rev. R.D. Nevius held two services in the Congregational church, through the courtesy of Rev. T. Condon, the pastor. From 1871 to 1873 four services were held by Rev. R.D. Nevius, one by Bishop Morris, and one or two others by Rev. L.H. Wells. At this time there were found ten communicants of the church, and Dr. Nevius baptized four adult persons in the Congregational church. With this as a nucleus a congregation was established and an effort made to build a church.  In 1874 Rt. Rev. Bishop Morris gave $500 towards it on condition that a like sum should be raised in The Dalles. This work was undertaken by Mrs. G.H. Knaggs, and successfully accomplished by her, the sum of $655 having been raised. In addition to this $105 was realized from a strawberry festival.  A chancel window was then given by General Joseph Eaton, in memorial of his son, and an east window was, also, given by the Hon. L.L. McArthur. May 28, 1875, Bishop Morris laid the corner stone of the present church, and deposited in it a copy of the Holy Bible, a book of Common Prayer, a copy of the Oregon Churchman of May 25th, and a copy of The Dalles Mountaineer, and copies of the Portland dailies, the Oregonian, Bulletin and Evening Journal.

January 11th the church received its furniture, leaving an indebtedness of about $800.  On the day the church was consecrated a draft on New York was received for $100 from St. Luke's Chapel, Middletown, Connecticut, and a like amount was received from the Rev. John Bonney, from the east, a friend of Mr. William Beall.  Bishop Morris also gave $100, and the balance of the indebtedness was provided for by the congregation. In 1877 a paten and chalice of solid silver was received from St. Mark's church, Augusta, Maine. From January 11, 1876, to July 7, 1879, sixty-three services were held by the Rev. Dr. Nevius, when he was succeeded by the Rev. Mr. McEwen, who took charge of the church, having been sent by Bishop Morris. In September, 1880, through a subscription circulated by Miss Anna Thornbury and Mrs. Stansbury, an addition of the vestry room was made to the church, and about November, 1885, the present rectory was built.

The bell was purchased in 1883, and was on the Queen of the Pacific when she struck on the Columbia bar, and the framework of which was thrown overboard. The present mountings were made by Mr. John Clayton. About April, 1886, Miss Mary Wall, a communicant of the church, died and left a bequest of $500. The Rev. W. L. McEwen officiated as rector from 1879 to 1886, when he was succeeded by the Rev. John C. Fair, about April 1, 1887. From 1879 to 1886 there were four confirmation classes under Rev. Mr. McEwen, numbering seventeen persons in all, and from 1886 to 1887, under the Rev. John C. Fair, there were two confirmation classes, numbering eight persons. In the spring of 1889 Rev. Eli D. Sutcliffe took charge of the work and remained five years. Rev. Joshua N. T. Goss was rector for the year ending Easter 1897.
The Dalles Presbyterian Church was organized July 8, 1888, in the hall of the Young Men's Christian Association. This was at the termination of several weeks' diligent work by Rev. George A. Hutchison, of San Francisco. Membership of this initial organization comprised sixteen persons. Mr.J.M. Patterson and Mr. G W. Filloon were elected ruling elders; Mr. G. W. Swank and Mr. W.J. Strong, deacons. Immediately afterward a Sunday school was organized with the pastor, Rev. George A. Hutchison, as  superintendent; Mr.J.M. Patterson, assistant.Of both the church and Sunday school W.J. Strong was elected treasurer. Miss Sadie Whitman was named as secretary of the Sunday school. January 5, 1889, the Times-Mountaineer said:
"The Presbyterian society was one of the first to occupy the great northwestern country and has already become strong in all our larger towns and in all our cities. On account of an agreement for many years with the Congregational body she did not occupy this field. About two years ago the synod of Columbia, which covers Oregon and Washington Territory, felt free to enter upon work here and so determined; as a result the present minister was sent."
The Lutheran Church was dedicated Sunday, April 17, 1898. The building complete cost about $5,000. Prior to this the Lutherans had no church edifice and held services only when they could procure the use of a room. The pastor, L. Grey, should be credited with the work of raising the money to bring about the erection of the building. Rev. James F. Beates, of Seattle, delivered the dedicatory sermon. Rev. M. L. Zwizig, of Portland, conducted the dedicatory services, assisted by Revs. A. C. Anda, of Tacoma ; W. Edlund, of Astoria, and L. Grey, of The Dalles.

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