Morrow County Chronicles

September 1983 Vol. II

Morrow County Historical Society


One Sunday in the early spring of the year, Mrs. Jack (Zetta) Brosnan recalled a busy day. Percy Hughes and Hoe hays were working on a Model T Ford at the Brosnan rand. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Daly and family came along in their buggy for a Sunday visit. Soon Mike Maguire, an old country Irishman, came riding along. Zetta said, “Mike would you mid riding down in the field and check the milk cow who is due to calve?”

Sometime later Mike came running up the road a-foot, screaming, “The cow is dead, my harse (Irish accent) is lost in the quicksand!” Percy and Joe jumped into the buggy and raced the team down the road. Mike’s horse was found grazing peacefully along the edge of the field. The cow was dead, but the horse was safe. The area which Mike superstitiously labeled “quick sand” was only a soft muddy spot in the field.

The Brosnans’ home was always open to all neighbors, friends, and other travelers along the road--meals were provided to all at all hours of the day. Today one cannot find such hospitality.

Mrs. Zetta Brosnan, age 95, still lives on the ranch were she came as a bride in April, 1908, seventy-five years ago.

Told to Helen Currin

By Zetta Brosnan

(submitted  for Morrow Co. US Gen Web by Berniece Thornton)

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