Morrow County Cemeteries

Gooseberry Cemetery, Ione


Akers, Adolphus M., Jul 27, 1853-Jan 16, 1912

Akers, Sarah S., d Feb 4, 1908, age 84y 4m 7d (wife of W. C. Akers)

Akers, W. C., Rev., d Feb 15, 1896, age 74y 4m 5d

Akers, [son], d May 4, 1900, age 21d (infant son of W. H. & L. A. Akers)

[Akers?] (four unmarked graves)

Brown, Ernest E., d Nov 18, 1908, age 25y 2m 18d

[Brown?], (8 unmarked graves)

Frazer, R. F., (monument, no dates)

Frazer, Lena B., Apr 4, 1884-Jun 27, 1916 (wife of R. F. Frazer)

Frazer, d May 12, 1913 (Infant of R. F. & Lena B. Frazer)

Frazer, d Apr 14, 1910 (Infant of R. F. & Lena B. Frazer)

Miller, Eva M., d Feb 9, 1901, age 3m 14d (daughter of L. E. Miller)

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