Morrow County Cemeteries

Desert Lawn Cemetery, Irrigon



Acock, Hobert L., 1836-1937

Ballard, Jack, (no dates)

Bell, Debbie, 1855-1934 (in plot with Harvey Bell)

Bell, Harvey, 1840-1919 (in plot with Debbie Bell)

Benefiel[d], Mary, 1878-1929

Benefield, Charles, d 1935

Boardman, (infant, no dates)

Browning, Nell O., 1903-1951 (in plot with Haddox infant)

Butler, Edith, 1918-1942

Carroll [?], (a marker that cannot be read)

Carroll, James S., d 1926 (in plot with Rachel C. & Levi Carroll)

Carroll, Levi, d 1927 (in plot with James S. & Rachel C. Carroll)

Carroll, Rachel C., d 1926 (in plot with James S. & Levi Carroll)

Chancey, A. B., d 1937 (in plot with Wesley A. Chancey; Mary B. Chancey)

Chancey, Mary B. Cleaver, d 1927 (in plot with W. A. & A. B. Chancey)

Chancey, Wesley A., 1901-1934 (in plot with A. B. Chancey & Mary B. Chancey)

Connell, Leslie, d 1930 (in plot with Ward, Theresa, & Walter Connell)

Connell, Theresa, 1892-1952 (in plot with Ward, Leslie & Walter Connell)

Connell, Walter, d 1936 (in plot with Ward, Theresa and Leslie Connell)

Connell, Ward, d 1942 (in plot with Theresa, Leslie & Walter Connell)

Cooley, John Loyd, 1905-1965 (in plot with Vera I. Cooley)

Cooley, Vera Irene, 1910-__ (in plot with John L. Cooley)

Dexter, d 1920 (2 children)

Dexter, d 1920 (wife of George B. Dexter)

Dexter, George B., d 1920

Graybeal, John A., 1859-1938 (in plot with Josephine Graybeal)

Graybeal, Josephine, 1859-1954 (mother; in plot with John A. Graybeal)

Graybeal, Lois R., 1901-1965 (in plot with Mack M. Graybeal)

Graybeal, Mack M., 1895-1963 (in plot with Lois R. Graybeal)

Grimm, Chauncey W., d Dec 27, 1966, 8 y

Grimm, Ella, 1855-1925 (mother)

Grimm, Hugh W., 1879-1964 (daddy)

Grimm, Mary A., 1890-1948

Grimm, Thurston, 1852-1922

Haberlein, Beryle J., 1898-1936 (mother)

Haberlein, Paul F., 1896-1950 (in plot with Beryle J. Haberlein)

Haddox, d 1944 (infant; in plot with Nell O. Browning)

Hesscock, Clara A., 1880-1928 (in plot with Jesse F. Hessock)

Hesscock, Jesse Fulford d 1923 (in plot with Clara A. Hesscock)

Hobbs, Bessie S., 1910-1959

Hobbs, Lyle D., 1947-1967

Isom, Bonnie Jean, b 1934 (in plot with D. R. & E. D. E. Isom)

Isom, Darrel E., d 1940 (in plot with D. R. & B. J. Isom)

Isom, Dean Raymond, d 1946 (in plot with D. E. and B. J. Isom)

Kenney, Geraldine Mae, 1932-1934

Knight, C. Elbert, 1886-1920 (in plot with Pearl D. Knight)

Knight, Pearl D., 1900-1928 (in plot with C. Elbert Knight)

Lafayette, Richard, d Jun 24, 1931 (in plot with Bessie Wisdon; not marked)

Lamoreau, Alonzo, d 1922 (in plot with Iona M. Alonzo)

Lamoreau, Iona M., 1927-1928 (in plot with Alonzo Lamoreau)

Markham, Marshall, 1901-1954 (in plot with Mrytle M. Markham)

Markham, Myrtle Mc Coy, 1902-1966 (in plot with Marshall Markham)

McCoy, John E., 1872-1949

McCoy, Mary M., 1876-1957

McCoy, Rufus M., 1878-1956

McCoy, Ruth M., 1885-19__

McFall, Charles, 1874-1963 (in plot with Effie McFall)

McFall, Effie, 1890-1949 (in plot with Charles McFall)

Partlow, d Jun 10, 1954 (infant son of Terry A. Partlow)

Partlow, Terry Albert, Jul 18, 1959-Nov 1, 1959 (in plot with infant son)

Perrell, C. T., 1855-1941 (in Martha & Wm L. Perrell)

Perrell, Martha, d 1961 (in plot with C. T. & Wm L. Perrell)

Perrell, William L., d Mar 27, 1867, 78 years (in plot with Martha & C. T. Perrell)

Rand, George W., 1868 -1942 (father; in plot with Mary E. Rand)

Rand, Mary E., 1865-1947 (in plot with George W. Rand)

Reddin, Bessie Stroder, (wife of F. Reddin; no dates)

Reddin, F., 1867-1928 (husband of Bessie S. Reddin)

Shipley, (infant, no dates)

Smith, Harry, Nov 29, 2895-Jul 5, 1955 (Oregon P F C Met Col Co. W W 1)

Sparks, John, 1855-1943

Stewart, Bobby L., (No dates; in plot with George Stewart)

Stewart, George, Nov 22, 1931-Nov 18, 1966 (U S Air Force, Korea; in plot with Bobby L. Stewart)

Strader, Alvin J., d 1939 (in plot with J. B. & Shorer Strader)

Strader, Jerome B., d 1954 (in plot with Shorer Shorer & A. J. Strader)

Strader, Shorer, d 1920 (in plot with J. B. & A. J. Strader)

Stroder, Barbara, Apr 6, 1925-Dec 19, 1929 (in plot with Bessie Stroder)

Stroder, Bessie, 1875-1954 (in plot with Barbara Stroder)

Thew, Ina M., 1809-1965

VanHorn, Harold, d Jul 6, 1967 65 y

Warner, James W., 1862-1941 (in plot with Lillie Warner)

Warner, Lillie, 1876-1965 (in plot with James W. Warner)

Warren, William E., 1874-1920

Wilson, Edwin M., 1879 – 1932 (in plot with Lucille A. Wilson)

Wilson, Lucille A., 1913-1932 (in plot with Edwin M. Wilson)

Wilson, Nora, 1882-Jun 11, 1962, 88y (in plot with Lucille A. & Edwin M. Wilson)

Wisdon, Bessie, d 1951 (in plot with Richard Lafayette)

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