1903 Heppner Flood victims from a variety of flood victim's lists:

This list was compiled in consideration of many sources. It would be impossible to come up with an accurate listing of those who lost their lives on that fateful day. The journal that was originally kept as victims were brought into the Roberts building was never completed. The lists of victims that appeared in the newspapers, both local and across the country, had many errors. There were only two obituaries posted in the Heppner newspapers. A Memorial Service was held on October 15, 1903, for all the victims, but a listing of victims was not posted in these papers.  If you have additions or corrections to this list, please contact Tami Sneddon .

The chart below lists names that have appeared on a variety of lists. The columns represent the different lists.
Resolution of Condolence (news release of clubs and organizationís members that have died.)
SB: Flood scrapbook located at the Morrow Co. Museum
HG: Heppner Gazette (newspaper)
HT: Heppner Times (newspaper)
EO: East Oregonian (Pendleton newspaper)
OR: Portland Oregonian (newspaper)
SC:San Francisco Call (newspaper)
b:   born
M: >Missing
Meth: Listed on the Methodist Church commemorative calendar 1904.

Heppner Cemetery headstone location: The flood victims are all located on the north end of the cemetery, the oldest part of the cemetery. When you drive through the gate the area on the right is section "A"; On the left is "B" (or the middle section) and, as you exit the cemetery the area on the right is section "C". These are my personal designations, not the cemetery's. The cemetery uses lot and plot, but because there are no physical markings at the cemetery itself, I thought this system would be easier for location of headstones for those unfamiliar with the cemetery.

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Name Flood Journal Heppner Gazette
June 18,
Heppner Times June 18,
Heppner Gazette
June 25,
Condolence or Other
Located at
Heppner Cemetery
M/F Age Family and other info
ABRAHAMSICK, A. Page 5 x x x     M    
ABRAHAMSICK, Margaret Page 8   M x RC Rebekah   F    
ABRAHAMSICK, Miss             F    
ADKINS, Nora Beatrice Page 7 x x x SB1pg18 A F 18 Daughter of C & M Watkins b. 10/08/1884
ANDREWS, Clara Anne Page 8     x   A F 15 Idaís child  born 1/15/1898
ANDREWS, Mable Page 6 x x     A F 11 Idaís child Museum photo#127
b. 07/13/1891
ANDREWS, Vastia Page 1 x   x   A F 9 Idaís child born 7/23/1893
ANDREWS, Ida         07/02/1903
HG body recovered.
RC Magpie Club
EO 7/3/03
A F 30 All of Seattle
Wilbur Swaggertís sister
b. 11/07/1872
ASHBAUGH, Cecil Fay Page 6 x x x   C M 4 Born 04/14/1899
ASHBAUGH, Edís infant (**girl) Mildred May   x x** x   C F 1 mos Born May 9, 1903
ASHBAUGH, Erma Leola Page 8 x x x   C F 9 Meth b 03/08/1894
ASHBAUGH, Gladys Mamie Page 4 x x x   C F 2 b 03/18/1901
ASHBAUGH, Gilbert Stanton           C M 5 b 07/21/1897
ASHBAUGH, Mary Viola           C F 7 Born 10/14/1895
ASHBAUGH, Iva Dell Page 9   x x   C F 11 Born 06/05/1892
ASHBAUGH, Moseís baby (Kenneth?) Page 2 x x x     M    
ASHBAUGH, (Mrs. Ed)Cora May Page 6 x x x   C F 30 Born 07/08/1872
AYERS, Bessie Francis Page 5         A F 10 Billís child b. 07/25/1892
AYERS, Bill (boy) Page 1 x x x          
AYERS, John L. Page 9   M x RC Whitmore
B M 42 b. 10/29/1860
AYERS, Winnie Zadell Page 7     x   A F 6 b. 06/28/1896
AYERS, Lyndon Thomas
Wm.ís child(**Billís boy)
  x *xx x   A M 4 b.

Information compiled by Tami Sneddon

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