Marion County Lookup Volunteers

          Oregon 1860 Marion County Census 
          Compiled by Nellie C. Hiday 

          Typed from microfilm and 
          Janine Bork
Pioneer Cemeteries in Marion Co, Oregon Database of burial listings for most of the [approx 40,000 names]. Willing to do lookups for individuals seeking lost relatives. Also will advise if there are publications available on a particular cemetery.
Stephenie Flora--please send working address
          Howell Cemetery
        Stephenie Flora--please send working address

        Janice Denton

1880 Marion County Census Vol 1 & 
Vol 2 published by the Willamette Valley Genealogical Society, 1982

1930 Marion County Census Lookup for
Pub. No. T626 - Rolls #1947 & 1948

1930 Census Enumeration Districts


Cathy Lauer

Cathy Lauer

Donation Land Claims
Vol. 1,  Vol. 2,  and Vol. 5.  published by the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, Portland, OR.   Vols. 1 and 2 are abstracts from the Oregon City Land Office, Vol. 5 is a supplement to Vol 1 naming wives previously unidentified.
Cathy Lauer
         1880 Marion County Census, both
         Joyce Cahill-Chambers
         1905 Marion County Census, both 
         Joyce Cahill-Chambers
         1910 Census Soundex, Vol., A-K          Joyce Cahill-Chambers
         Marion County Probate Records
         Vol.  1-3
         Joyce Cahill-Chambers
         Marion County Marriage Records
         Joyce Cahill-Chambers
         Terwilliger Funeral Home Records
         Vol.1, 1909-1925 for Salem, OR.
         Joyce Cahill-Chambers
         Terwilliger Funeral Home Records
          Vol.2, 1925-1940 for Salem, OR.
         Joyce Cahill-Chambers
1934 & 1949 Salem 
Area Phone directories 
These directories contain such things as: wife's name or if the woman is a widow her husband's first name,  listings by address first, job, employer, postal carrier routes, and Marion county taxpayer list - This info is very helpful in your family history quest that the 1930 census can't answer, also the address first and the carrier route listings help to place families in an area that can be checked on current maps - Limit lookups to NOT MORE THAN  5 last names and this should include first names if known.
Norma Frisch
Marion County H.S. Yearbooks
1968 Silverton Silvertonia
1970 South Salem Sword and Shield
1971 South Salem Sword and Shield
           Lois Eckley