Submitted by Bob Aswell


My grandmother lived in STAYTON, OREGON with her two
daughters in 1937. I have just found an autograph book
of my mother's when she was 15 years old. Inside this
book is 16 children's names and brief writings, all
dated between 1937 and 1938 in Stayton.
Many of the writings say that they were my mother's
classmates, but no school name is mentioned.
Here is a list of the names inside the book....

Bonna Belle Andersen, George Nightingale, Margery
Knight, Gene Graham, Phyllis E. Thurston, Arthur
Wattens, Bob Myers, Delores Chitwood, Raymond Frey,
Perry Shelton, Peggy Missler, Glenn Huber Haworth,
Edward Kreitzer, Charles Chorn, Leonard Titus and
Ernestine Mulcrone.

There is not much to this, history-wise, except that
it is interesting to see the original handwriting and
the old sayings they used in the '30s.
My grandmother was LEONA LOGAN, who spent many years
in Marion County and Jefferson County. Her children
were OPAL LOGAN, my mother, and her sister, MAXINE
LOGAN. They are connected to the TREADWAY, WRIGHT and
NIDEY surnames. I believe that some of the Treadway's
and at least one Nidey were in Stayton at this time,
and some of the LOGAN's now live in Bend, OR.
I will be more than happy to scan any of the pages for
anyone interested in the above names.

Thank you...
Bob Aswell
Palmdale, CA

Copyright (c) 2002