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 Ancestors and Descendants of Lane County Pioneers

Note: Quite a few of the links did not work, but the names and references are left here - there might be a clue or two to be found.

Many of the Family Web pages were no longer online, they have been deleted.

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The following people have submitted links to their personal home pages which show the ancestors or descendants of Lane County residents.  Family names are listed alphabetically.  Also, be sure to check out the Oregon Genealogical Society's Pioneer Certificate Project Database featuring residents of the Oregon Territory or the State of Oregon before October 31, 1872.   

BODINE, BONNEY(BOHNA), COX, FREEMAN, GARTEN, HELLER, IVY, LEHMAN, STRICKLAND, WITCHER, WICHMAN, AND MORE is the Rootsweb home page for Lori Strickland Wichman.  She is currently working on several Lane County families, mostly from Eugene and Cottage Grove.  The earliest Lane County birth in her line dates from 1886.  She also has photographs and other information at her companion site, Our Ancestors: Stricklands, Wichmans and More. 
Note: The free pages for Rootsweb are not currently available.

BURNETT, CROWLEY, SIMPSON, and KIMSEY.  These families are related to many people in Lane, Polk, Marion, and other Oregon counties.   The Crowleys descend from a very famous person:  Samuel Crowley who was the first person to die at the Battle of Point Pleasant, Lord Dunsmore's War fought on October 10, 1774 located in what is now West Virginia between the Indians and the Colonials.  Samuel Crowley's records are now before a Virginia Committee who are searching the records of the Colonial Governors.  We are hoping to prove this battle was the first battle of the Revolutionary War.  We are making a web site regarding this battle and Samuel's participation.  Contact author June Bork for more information. [Note: There is a current website for Ms Bork. Use this link.]

ELLISON, HUDELSON, HUGHES, LOVEJOY.  Sue Collins writes, "My Ellison family came to Lane County in the late 1800's from Tennessee and worked in the logging industry.  The Hudelson's were also living in the area and John Elmer Ellison and Dessie Alma Hudelson met, married and raised a large family.  My grandmother, Dessie, lived for many years in Goshen."  

LAND.  Sharen (Land) Chambers wrote that, "I have several ancestors who settled in Oregon." Among them was Isaac Land was in the Cottage Grove area.  

RINEHART, SCOTT.  Ray Burgess wrote to tell me about his Oregon pioneer families, Felix SCOTT, Sr. and Ludwig Lewis RINEHART. Anyone related to these families should visit the home page of the RINEHART FAMILY:  Lewis and Elizabeth Rinehart Descendants. Felix Scott, Sr. was killed Indians in 1858 near Goose Lake.  He had a Donation Land Claim on what is now the north side of Springfield (as did other children of his family).  His daughter, Lucinda Scott Comegys and two of her sons, Wilmer and Presley Comegys, were well known in early Lane County history and had claims next to Felix's.  Her third son, Nimrod, moved east to Fort Rock, Summer Lake and Harney County. He married Salinda Ann (Rinehart) Duncan who, with her parents and grandparents were part ot the Rinehart wagon train.  All the above came over the Oregon Trail. The Scott, Comegys, Ball, Spencer and Smyth families (related to each other) traveled togather over several years time (1846-1854).

STANDIFER, HARER.  Those researching the Standifer and Harer lines will find the Genealogy--Standerfer, Standiford, Standifer, Standefer, Sandefur, Sandefer, Standford, Sanford, Standforth, Sanderford, etc. Research Site of interest researched by Carol Lee Yarbrough.

UTTINGER, WILHELM, MARTIN.  On Columbus Day 1962, we had a terrible wind storm here in Eugene. I watched the shingles blow off my friend's house a block away.  Gene M. Uttinger remembers that day, too.  The house of his grandfather, George A. Wilhelm, burned to the ground!  Gene has uploaded many family photographs as well as his genealogy to his web site, Gene Martin Uttinger's Search for his Family Roots, including one of Eva Amelia Wilhelm's 100th birthday.

WARNOCK, MATHES, LOVE.  Robin Carol Trigg wrote that "My great great grandfather, William Jasper Warnock, and his sons, Lewis, Charles and Albert, owned the Warnock buildings on Pearl Street in Eugene, and my grandfather helped with the construction on the International Order of Odd Fellows Lodge."    Vernon Byron Mathews and Hannah (Anna) Agusta Stevenson Love Mathews and their children Clyde L. Love, Roy G. Love and Mary Louise Adelle (May) Mathews Warnock Harry lived in Goshen, Springfield, and Eugene.

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