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Hood River County, Oregon

Deaths 1963-1995

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This information is taken from the Social Security Death Index and in most instances includes name, Social Security number, state of issuance, and birth and death dates. The Zip Code for Hood River proper, both city and county, is 97031. Odell, Parkdale-Mt. Hood, and Dee have different Zip Codes.

The information in this page has been provided by David Rath (drath@gorge.net)

Names Beginning With "U"

UDELIUS, FERN 543-03-9255 (OR) b. 16 Dec 1918 d. Oct 1985 

UDELIUS, HILDA 542-28-2853 (OR) b. 01 Oct 1886 d. Apr 1979 

UNRUH, SELMA 516-40-4939 (MT) b. 11 Jul 1913 d. 17 Jun 1995 

URIE, ELSIE 518-56-8868 (ID) b. 28 Nov 1892 d. Jun 1985 

UTLEY, ETHEL 543-09-3746 (OR) b. 29 Oct 1893 d. Apr 1984 

UTLEY, LORA 543-26-6368 (OR) b. 09 Nov 1892 d. 23 Nov 1989 

UTLEY, MERRELL 509-10-4705 (KS) b. 07 Sep 1893 d. Apr 1977

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