Pine Grove Butte Cemetery, Inc.

Hood River County, Oregon

Interments through June 6, 2006

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Raasch, Marjory A. "Marge" 05/23/1997
Randolph, Clyde A. 04/22/1958
Randolph, Nettie Inez 03/13/1950
Rand, Marguerite J. 05/19/1972
Rand, Shirley Allison 12/23/2002
Raskie, Kevin R. 06/30/1983
Rasmussen, Alvin R. 01/14/1969
Rasmussen, Dixie L.  
Rasmussen, Earl Alvin ( w/ Ella ) 05/30/1998
Rasmussen, Ella Marie 09/27/1997
Rasmussen, Evelyn Diane 01/17/1974
Rasmussen, Lynn Harry  Sr. 05/17/2000
Rasmussen, Ralph Kenneth 03/25/2002
Rathbone, Annie Hope Shelley 07/26/2004
Ray, Kimberly  Annette 06/22/1961
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Reade, Dianne Vay (baby) 11/06/1961
Reavis, John Stanley 03/09/1963
Reavis, Lola G. (Lila?) 01/09/1961
Redhead, David  05/29/1980
Redhead, Henry L.  03/01/2002
Reed, Josephine F. 10/27/1971
Reed, Mary Cathern 11/12/1998
Reed, Ralph Olen 01/16/1984
Reed, Selby Smith 06/27/2003
Regan, Edith H. 05/30/1990
Reiboldt, Larry Paul (baby) 06/19/1948
Repp, Ernest G. 12/14/1970
Repp, Ida Martha 08/22/1956
Rhoades, Alice Maud 01/17/1942
Rhoades, Harry Orson 03/01/1991
Rhoades, Hildred M. 01/16/1981
Rhoades, Louis Orson 08/01/1963
Rhoades, Louis S. 10/25/1957
Rhoades, Louis Vay 12/08/2001
Rhoades, Loyal K. 06/16/1978
Rhoades, Murna  08/19/2000
Rhoades, Myrtle 10/25/1990
Rhoades, Orson Harry (Harry Orson?) 10/26/1957
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Ricards, Andrew H. 02/08/1974
Ricards, John R. Sr. 02/09/1990
Rice, Button (baby) 05/30/1978
Rice, Jeffrey Nolan 08/27/1999
Rice, Jessie Earl 10/11/2001
Rice, Randy L. 08/22/1973
Rich, Velma Vallee Schwartz 01/13/1958
Rider, Jennifer Lee (baby) 05/25/1977
Rider, Marion Virgil 05/24/2004
Ridings, Betty Jane 01/21/1995
Riege, Edna E. 07/16/1986
Riege, John Carl 11/21/1975
Ritoch, Thomas Paul 07/25/1983
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Roberts, Alpha 12/12/1962
Roberts, Edward W. (baby) 09/22/1950
Roberts, Gilbert Randy 06/24/1967
Roberts, John Calvin (Colvin?) 04/29/1964
Roberts, Laline June 06/17/2000
Roberts, Troy 12/06/1995
Roberts, William Cecil 06/03/1976
Roberts, Wint 11/20/1997
Robertson, Earl M. 1922
Robertson, Fannie J. 08/25/1911
Robertson, Marcus W.  (Medal of Honor) 1948
Robertson, Nancy 1924
Robertson, Robert E. "Bob" 01/25/1963
Robertson, Ruth 1915
Robertson, Violet 1915
Robertson, William H. 1927
Robinson, Emma M. 02/12/1977
Robinson, Irl 11/14/1964
Rodigar, Heriman E. 10/19/1949
Rogers, Grady 02/25/1978
Rose, Clara Thomsen 03/23/1974
Rosemont, Barbara G. "Bobbie" 03/17/1984
Ross, Emerson C. 06/04/1956
Ross, Eva Nancy 07/09/1970
Routen, Eugene 09/05/1975
Rowan, Clyde Robert 05/24/2002
Rubidoux, Lucille 04/18/2003
Rudd, Louie Marion 01/15/1965
Rudd, Minnie Elizabeth 10/10/1988
Ryan, Wayne Edward 10/14/1967
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