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This page is to register you as a researcher of a particular surname for HOOD RIVER County ONLY.  If you wish to include any additional information beyond the surname(s) and your e-mail address, you need to post a query on the Hood River County Message Board (see below). 

To register here,  please put "Hood River County Surname Registry" as the subject of your message and email your Hood River surnames to me. I will do my best to update the surname list upon receipt of each surname, but f you don't see your surname(s) listed within a week of sending them, please let me know.

If you change your email address, please update me via email so I can change it on this page.

To Post a Query

To post a query on the Hood River County Message Board, where you can include more information about your surnames such as path of migration (e.g,. MO>TX>OR), relevant dates, or other information about the surname(s), click here. In addition to what you post in the body of the query, be sure to type your surnames, separated by commas, in the box provided on the board.

Hood River County Surnames
Registered Surname Date Posted Researcher
BAILEY 11/5/06 C. W. Marshall
BOORMAN 7/6/08 Maridale Moore
BUTTON 11/5/06 Mary Kay Ward
CHAPMAN 11/5/06 Edna Paries
Charlott Jones
CLELLAND 7/6/08 Maridale Moore
CORUM, Harrison 3/26/07 Marlene Pean
Charlott Jones
DENVER 07/15/97 Lori Weinstein
DUCKWALL 11/5/06 Edna Paries
FEAK 7/6/08 Maridale Moore
FORDING, Harry Lee 05/10/07 JoAnn Traasdahl
Beth Johnston
GLAZIER 4/17/06 Shelley J. Radmer
GOSS 8/27/06 Paul Jacroux
GOULD 10/1/05 Denee Logan
GREENE  01/27/97 Kathleen Greene
HARBISON 7/6/08 Maridale Moore
HOLT 08/06/97 Nancie Howell Willey
HORNING/HORNUNG 7/6/08 Maridale Moore
HOWARD 22/6/06 Edna Paries
HOWELL 08/06/97 Nancie Howell Willey
HUTSON 04/22/97 Cindy Hutson Webb 
JOHNSON 06/22/98 Mark R. Muncie
JOHNSON 11/5/06 Edna Paries
JOHNSON, Bertha 7/6/08 Maridale Moore
JONES 06/22/98 Mark R. Muncie
KARSTETTER, KERSTETTER 7/10/02 Beth Johnston
KNOWLES 8/19/06 Margaret McEuen
LEWIS 01/25/97 Amy Anderson 
Charlott Jones
MOHR 08/25/97 George Hill
MUNCIE 06/22/98 Mark R. Muncie
PAGE 06/14/97 Constance Putnam 
PENCE 01/25/97 Amy Anderson 
PERKINS 7/10/02 Beth Johnston
PERRY 7/10/02 Beth Johnston
RAND 7/6/08 Maridale Moore
SCRANTON 06/22/98 Mark R. Muncie
SHAY 07/15/97 Sharon Foree
SHELLEY  01/25/97 Amy Anderson 
SIMPSON 08/14/97 Marge McArthur
SLUTTS / SLUTZ 8/24/08 Diane Eaton Hacker
TALMAGE 01/25/97 Amy Anderson 
TAYLOR 04-19-97 Ron Taylor 
Charlott Jones
VAN OSTEN 11/5/06 Edna Paries
VAN RIPER 06/22/98 Mark R. Muncie
VONADA, VONADO 7/10/02 Beth Johnston
WALTER 01/25/97 Amy Anderson 
Charlott Jones
WHEELER 6/3/06 Donna Connell
WHITCOMB 07/15/97 Sharon Foree

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