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Oregon Marriage Index CD                           
Claude Fourroux
Oregon Death Index 1903-1998 Kathy
Oregon Marriages by Bride 1961-1998 Kathy
Oregon Marriages by Groom 1961-1998 Kathy
Oregon Divorces by Husband 1961-1998 Kathy
Hood River County Newspaper Records (Birth, Death, Marriage, Obits). Exact date required.
Hood River Glacier: June 1889-November 1933 Kathy
Hood River News: December 1909-current Kathy
Oregon Geographic Names, 7th editionNew
Beth Johnston

Available Hood River County Published Resources
Name of Publication
Date Author
Long's LegacyNew
Barbara D. Long, Editor
 The Yasui Family of Hood River, Oregon 1987
Robert S. Yasui
Legacy; a Centennial Celebration of Hood River & the Columbia Gorge 1995
Susan Garrett Crowley
The Guardians of the Columbia: Mount Hood, Mount Adams and Mount St. Helens 1912
John H. Williams
Japanese Americans of the Mid-Columbia Area and their Relatives 1994 Roy Y. Higashi
Valley Girl, The Adventures of Hazel Weston 1984 Paula Montgomery
History of Hood River, Oregon 1852-1982
Hood River County Historical Society
Polk City Directory for Columbia Gorge, Oregon 1996 R.L. Polk & Co
Where Flows the Hood River 1907 Marion Cook
Eldest of the Clan; an autobiography of Stella (Stief) Diebert. 1996 Stella (Steif) Diebert
Rhymes of the Valley 1959
Hilja Ruth Annala
"Columbia River Highway Historic District: Nomination of the Old Columbia River Highway in the Columbia Gorge to the National Register of Historic Places, Multnomah, Hood River, and Wasco Counties, Oregon." Salem: Oregon Department of Transportation, Highway Division, Technical Services Branch, Environmental Section. 1984 Dwight A. Smith
The History of the Early Methodist-Episcopalian Churches; Hood River County, 1871-1914 1997
Estella Yule Pryor
Columbia River Highway, Inventory of Historic Sites, Cascade Locks, OR 1981
Columbia River Highway Project
History of Early Pioneer Families of Hood River, Oregon. 3 volumes compiled from 1900s up to 1951. Available in image form on the web.

Delia M. Coon
The Hood River Issei: An Oral History of Japanese Settlers in Oregon's Hood River Valley 1993
Linda Tamura
Aakki-daakki to Zoomorphic; an encyclopedia about Hood River County 1994
J. Patricia Krussow, editor
Hood River Historic Hotels 1993
J. Patricia Krussow
Pine Grove Memories in the Hood River Valley 1989
J. Patricia Krussow
The Centennial History of Oregon 1811-1912, Vol. 1, 2, 3 1912
Joseph Gaston
History of the Columbia River Valley from The Dalles  to the Sea, Vol, 1-3 1928
Fred Lockley
Cemeteries of Hood River Co., Vol. 1-5
Vol. 1 covers Mt. Hood and Parkdale Cemeteries
Vol. 2 covers Frankton, Shelley, and Jackson Cemeteries
Vol. 3 covers Cascade Locks and Wyeth Cemeteries
Vol. 4 covers St. Mary's and Hood River Cemeterties
Vol. 5 covers County Cemetery
Estella Y. Pryor Vol. 1-5
Dorothy Cannon Vol. 3-5
Columbia Gorge Genealogical Society Vol. 1-5
History of Oregon 1893
Rev. H.K. Hines
Census Records 1860, 1870, 1880, Hood River, Wasco County, Oregon
Estella Y. Pyror and Columbia Gorge Genealogical Society
A Survey of the Schools of Hood River County, Oregon 1912
Karl W. Onthank
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