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Boards & Email Lists

To start your journey into the world of subscribing and using the email lists and boards, we will begin with the Surnames Message Boards. From the Search for content section, you can now do a search for specific name or location. See below for more instructions...


Hood River Specific

Hood River email lists Follow the directions to subscribe...

Hood River Board

Surname & Localities Boards Help

To go to a specific Surname, click on the first letter of the last name, ie. Heggie, click 'H', then 'He' below, then 'Heg". a list of names beginning with those 3 letters comes up. DONT FORGET to search for alternate spellings: (Heggie, Heggen, Haggie, Heggy). Then scroll through or search again in the more specific name. If using the search box, be sure to mark the Surnames spot below the search box.

Works the same way as above, only with location. Click catagory: United States, States, specific state, then county.


Email Lists

email lists

Now just search... Choices are search the mail list archives or find a list, then follow the instructions. Contains both locations and surnames.