Bend Genealogical Society, Deschutes County, Oregon

Bend Genealogical Society

Deschutes County, Oregon


Andy & Devon Noel Lee

From Humble, Texas

2020 Bend Genealogical Society Spring Events

Saturday All-Day Seminar
Designed for both beginning & advanced genealogists

Simple Steps for Sorting Families with
the Same Surname
Brick walls crumble when you begin to sort individuals with the same surname living in one place. These steps explain a simple process for separating the families without going insane.

How to Write Compelling Family History
Without Being Naturally Creative
If your family history project feels a little dull, you
can spice things up using simple literary devices to enhance your story, even if you don’t have a creative writing background.

Synergizing Seven Resources to Solve
Family Mysteries
Having trouble solving your family mysteries? When you combine 4 record sets and 3 research tools, you can begin solving your challenging genealogy mysteries. The class will discuss and demonstrate the principles taught through a case study.

Organize Your Files for Genealogy Success
and Legacy Preservation
Lean to organize documents and research with an eye towards efficiency and effectiveness. An added bonus is your research will be ready for the next custodian of your work.
     Registration Includes:

Lunch on Saturday

Light snacks on Friday afternoon

is Limited.
April 21

Friday Afternoon DNA Workshop

Designed for intermediate/advanced DNA researchers

Bring your fully charged laptop/device to access your DNA test results. WiFi is available at the church.

In this hands-on workshop, learn how to apply the Leeds Method, AutoClustering, and Segment Triangulation so that you can find groups of DNA matches to collaborate with in order to identify your common ancestor.

At the end of this workshop, you will have created a Leeds Method table to separate out your matches into grandparent groups, and learned to use Autoclustering in conjunction with the Leeds table. You'll learn the principles of segment triangulation and how this can confirm the relationship with a potential common ancestor. Bring your laptop/device to use your own matches, or work with the examples supplied by the instructor.

Plan on lots of active learning that will take your DNA research to the next level.

Registration Fees
(per person)

BGS Members

$35 – Friday Workshop only

$50 – Saturday Seminar only

$70 – Workshop & Seminar


$45 – Friday Workshop only

$60 – Saturday Seminar only

$80 – Workshop & Seminar


Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints

60800 Tekampe Rd, Bend,OR  97702

If family history
isn’t fun, you’re
doing it wrong.

– The Fanatics Motto

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Get to know Andy & Devon Noel Lee before they come to Bend.

Their website and their YouTube Channel

April 24

Friday DNA Workshop
1 to 5:30 pm

April 25

Saturday Seminar
9:00 am to 3:30–4 pm

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DNA Workshop


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Sat. Seminar