I have abstracted the following "items of genealogical interest" from the microfilmed copies of the Myrtle Point Herald.  Generally, the newspaper does not contain any additional information than I have abstracted, so I cannot respond to any email requests for additional information.  Because these early newspapers contain numerous mention of people visiting in Myrtle Point, going to school, attending balls, etc. I have not abstracted any information that does not relate to vital records type events, i.e. birth, marriage or death, or to "political" office.  Currently, I am not planning to index these entries as that would be much too time consuming.  Enjoy your browsing thru these musings.

28 November 1895:

30 November 1895:

14 December 1895:

21 December 1895:

28 December 1895:

18 January 1896:

25 January 1896:

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