With the advent of the year 2000 and a new computer, I have encountered numerous problems with my query program, therefore, I have chosen to return to a manual method of posting new queries.  If you wish to post a query, send me an email with the query and I will get it posted as soon as I can.  Queries after 1 September will be posted on bi-monthly (or more) pages and may be accessed below.  I am listing the query surnames below the month they appear in.

SEP/OCT 2000         NOV/DEC 2000         JAN/FEB 2001         MAR/Aug 2001      2002         
Robinson, Gilbert                Borrevik, Corman                  Johnson, VanFossen            Benson, Howe               Walker, Collier
Ferren, Smith                     Eldred, Epps                        Gurensey                                                                 Maine, Kight,
Tanner, Johnston                McArthur, Tinker,                                                                                                 Endicott, Cavett
Bright, Heath                      Mast
Davis, Henke

            2003                                        2004                                             2005                                            2007
Holland, Simpson, Ross,             Urquhart, Webb, Maiefski,               Colter, Hensley, Schick                          Smith, McCue, Brownson
Kronenberg, Lyons, Farley,          Crosby, Cruthfield, Gant,                 Shick, Yost, Affholter,                            Belieu, Colter, Hensley,
Gilmore, Given, Lennan,               Florence, Hayes, Krantz,                Freeman, Looney, Moore,                       Schick, Shick, Yost
Bryant, Pearce, Deen/Dean          Parry, Weekly, Wilson                   Smalley, Holm, Matson/Mattson,             Humphrey, Anderson, Strang, 
                                                                                                      Whobrey, Shields, Elford, Rookard          Carlson, Lewis

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