1880 Coos Co., Oregon
                    Census Index


    I make no claims that this index is 100% accurate.  There are many pages where the writing is too faint to transcribe with any degree of certainty.  I have used the spelling shown on the census, even when it does not match the standard spelling of that name.  Native Americans may have a surname shown on the census or they may not.  Those who do not have a surname shown are listed at the beginning of the index before the letter "A".
    If you have information that can identify individuals on the "faint" pages, I would be happy to include your information and change the index to so reflect.
    The index is alphabetical, however, the families are grouped under their house/family numbers and are not necessarily alphabetical within that family grouping.
    I do not plan to put the entire 1880 Coos Co., OR census online, however, I do plan to make it available in print [correlated with the 1860/1870 census returns, cemetery records & biographical information] in the near future.
    If you have comments, corrections, etc. please feel free to contact me.  If you wish to have the info from the census, I will be happy to do so -- however, because of my time constraints I will only respond to requests for one (1) surname per email per researcher per week.
    Happy hunting.

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