1870 Coos County, OR
         Federal Census,
    As Enumerated,  p. 237

Standard state abbreviations have been used for state of birth.  For persons born outside of the United States, I have used the standardized abbreviations used in the Roots Surname List.  Additionally, I have used the following abbreviations where appropriate:
lab    =    laborer
k/h    =    keeping house
r/r    =    cannot read or write  -- in citizenship column
r/    =    cannot read  --  in citizenship column
/w    =    cannot write  --  in citizenship column
sch    =    individual attended school during the census year
f/     =    in citizenship column indicates the father of this person was foreign born
/f    =    in citizenship column indicates the mother of this person was foreign born
f/f    =     in citizenship column means both parents  were foreign born

p. 237; 29 Aug 1870
416/416 Vale N. Perry 29mw farmer 800/1000 IA  cit

417/417 J.F. Schroeder 25mw farmer 1500/5000 MD f/f  cit
Mary 26fw kh OR
Clara 1fw OR

418/418 A.H. Schroeder 27mw farmer 600/500 MD f/f  cit
Dora C. 29fw kh OR
Edwin F. 9/12mw OR aug

419/419 William Colvin 41mw farmer -/1032 MO  cit
Eliza 18fw kh OR
Walter E. 1mw OR

420/420 E.W. Stillwell 48mw farmer -/1790 OH  cit
I...el C. 39fw kh IL
Edwin 15mw OR school
Eva U. 12fw OR school
Thomas F. 10mw OR school no write
Peter A. 9mw OR school
William 4mw OR
Lillian C. 1fw OR

421/421 John Adams 51mw farmer -/200 KY no write  cit

422/422 William C. Paxon 32mw farmer -/95 OH  cit

423/423 H.W. Van Luvin 37mw farmer -/2425 NY  cit

424/424 Abram May 39mw farmer -/1000 TN  cit
Telitha 35fw kh IN no r/r
Eliza A. 13fw MO school
Joel 10mw MO school no write
Paul 5mw OR
Eva efw OR
Abram 8/12mw OR aug

425/425 U.N. Cauldfield 64mw farmer -/750 TN mother foreign no r/r  cit
Mahala 52fw kh IN
G.T. 25mw farmer -/100 MO  cit
Lewis Simmens 10mw KS school
Amanda 9fw KS school

426/426 R.G. Bullock 38mw farmer -/400 VA  cit
Elizabeth 35fw kh IA
Julia E. 13fw IA school
William A. 11mw IA school
Lauretta 8fw IA school
James L. 3mw OR
Thomas O.  1mw OR
p. 237B 30 Aug 1870
427/427 S.E. Braden 58mw farmer -/2800 TN f/f  cit
Susanah 60fw kh TN
John 18mw MO

428/428 F.A. Braden 35mw farmer -/1140 IN  cit
Sarah 26fw kh OH
Almer E. 6mw OR
Samuel C. 3mw OR
Julia A. 1fw OR

429/429 P.A. Decker 38mw farmer -/100 OH  cit
Rebecca C. 32fw kh IN
Frances M. 13fw OR school
Samuel G. 10mw OR
Alferetta 5fw OR
Rosa V. 2fw
Phillip A. 2/12 mw OR mar

430/430 Thomas Norris 51mw farmer -/4130 D.C.  cit
Mary E. 41fw kh MO
George W. 21mw farmer  -/400 OR  cit
Mary C. 19fw OR
Lucy A. 17fw ah OR
Louisa S. 15fw ah OR
John 12mw ah OR no write
Thomas 10mw OR no write
Albert 1mw OR

431/431 Joseph Steele 49mw farmer -/775 PA  cit

432/432 Luther Palmer 27mw farmer -/1000 OH  cit
Matilda 22fw kh Denmark f/f
Rundle 5mw MT mother foreign
Franklin 2mw OR mother foreign

433/433 John Rasmusen 36mw laborer -/- Norway f/f  cit

434/434 Jessie Myers 36mw farmer -/1000 MO  cit
Sarah F. 24fw kh IA no write
Mary M. 8fw OR
William E. 6mw OR
Araminta L. 3fw OR
Willis 1mw OR

435/435 Robert Willis 57mw farmer -/800 MO no write  cit

436/436 Martin Willis 52mw farmer -/900 KY  cit

437/437 John Siverly 32mw farmer -/100 IL  cit
Elizabeth 19fw kh IN
continuation of this family is on p. 238

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