1870 Coos County, OR
         Federal Census,
     As Enumerated,  p. 219

Standard state abbreviations have been used for state of birth.  For persons born outside of the United States, I have used the standardized abbreviations used in the Roots Surname List.  Additionally, I have used the following abbreviations where appropriate:
lab    =    laborer
k/h    =    keeping house
r/r    =    cannot read or write  -- in citizenship column
r/    =    cannot read  --  in citizenship column
/w    =    cannot write  --  in citizenship column
sch    =    individual attended school during the census year
f/     =     in citizenship column indicates the father of this person was foreign born
/f    =    in citizenship column indicates the mother of this person was foreign born
f/f    =     in citizenship column means both parents  were foreign born

p. 219; post office,  Empire City; 7 Jun 1870
house/family #
    Family Names                         age  sex  color                occupation          value of                 state of        citizenship
                                                                                                                    personal/real estate    birth             read/write
Joseph Labriere                  39    mw                     lab                 -/-                   IL             cit
Mrs. Agnes L.                    32    fw                       k/h                                       IL
Viola E.                               2    fw                                                                  OR
Annie C.                        11/12    fw       July                                                     OR
Averilla Trask                      11    fw                      sch                                      OR
William H. Alexander           10    mw                    sch                                       IL             r/r
Metty Jane     "                     7    fw                      sch                                      OR

Charles H. Butler                 29    mw             sea captain     400/1500               ME             cit
Mrs. Ann C.                        28    fw                     k/h                                        ME
Oscar                                   8    mw                  sch                                        ME
Buhla A.                               6    fw                     sch                                       ME
Charles H.                            2    mw                                                               ME
Cora C.                            7/12    fw         Oct                                                   ME

Nelson Johansen                 32    mw                     lab             1000/500           DNK          cit f/f
Mrs. C.                               29    fw                       k/h                                     SCT            f/f
N.B.                                     1    mw                                                               OR              /f
Lucy Martin                          9    fw                                                                 SCT            f/f
George                                 7    mw                     sch                                     OR             /f
Miss C. Chitwood                24    fw                     at home         5000/-               IL              f/f

Jacob Hutchings                 30  mw                  sea captain      300/1500         ENG           cit  f/f
Mrs. Ann H.                       28  fw                     k/h                                        IRL              f/f   r/r
Mary                            11/12   fw     June                                                     OR               f/f
Thomas Schofield                5   mw                                                               ENG            f/f
Edward       "                       4   mw                                                               CA              f/f

James Mayer                     27   mw             steamboat captain     -/500            IRL         cit  f/f
Amos Henning                   25   mw             wks on steamboat      -/-                NJ          cit
Regis Boldue                     19   mw             wks on steamboat     -/100             ENG       f/f
James Williams                  33   mw             steamboat engineer     -/500          ENG       cit  f/f
James Brannan                  30   mw             wks on steamboat      -/-                IRL         f/f

H.H. Luce                         63   mw             lumber manufacture 17000/35,000     PA         cit

William A. Luce                30   mw             clerk in store                 -/4500         OH          cit
Mrs. C. F.                        22   fw                 k/h                                                MA         f/f
Henry Heaton Luce             2   mw                                                                   OR
Jessee Allen Luce              1   mw                                                                   OR

B.M. Blackly                     26   mw             clerk in store                 -/-               WI         cit
Mrs. L. J.                          26   fw                 k/h                                               WI         f/f
Howard                          1/12   mw   May                                                          OR
B.S.                                 17   fw                 at home                                        WI
M.H. Parker                      24   mw               school teacher         2500/200         IN         cit

Thomas Harding                 36   mw               lab                             -/100           VA         /w

Mrs. E.M. Lockhart             45   fw               hotel keeper             3000/2000         NY
Ella                                   20   fw                at home                                          OH
Lillian                                17   fw                 sch                                                OR
Eva                                   14   fw                 sch                                                OR
Aggie                                10   fw                 sch                                                OR
Andrew                               8   mw               sch                                                OR
Herbert                               3   mw               sch                                                 OR
Ah You                             14   mc               waiter                             -/-              CH         f/f

Mrs. Sarah Dodge             57    fw                 k/h                         250/-                 TN         /w
Artemus                           12    mw               sch                                                OR         /w

Amos C. Rogers                 42    mw             saloonkeeper              -/-                 VT        cit
Mrs. Mary E.                      27    fw                 k/h                                               MS
Lydia Ann                          12    fw                 sch                                               OR
H. Lyman                            9    mw               sch                                               OR
John C.                               7    mw               sch                                               OR
Marion F.                            5    fw                 sch                                               OR
Amos C.                             3    mw                                                                    OR
Lorenz H.                       9/12    mw     Aug                                                         OR

John Nasburg                     40    mw             livery stable kpr         3500/500         SWE     cit  f/f
Mrs. Alice M.                     20    fw                 k/h                                                 IN
Sarah Ellen                         2    fw                                                                      OR
John H.                          9/12    mw     Aug                                                          OR

William P. Bushnell             43    mw             hotelkeeper             4000/300             NY     cit
Mrs. M. L.                           45    fw                 k/h                                                 KY
Arthur M.                            11    mw             sch                                                   OR
Edward R.                            9    mw             sch                                                   OR
Lydia M.                              3    fw                                                                        OR
Precilla Dame                     24    fw                 at home                                           OH

George Cammann             40    mw             gen'l retail merch.     3000/15000           PRU      cit  f/f
Mrs. C.M.                         24    fw                 k/h FL
Georgeana                         6    fw                                                                         OR         f/
Charles A.                         4    mw                                                                        OR         f/
George R.                     4/12    mw    Jan                                                               OR         f/
Gratchen Muller                22    fw             domestic                                               PRU

H. Camman                       41    mw         clerk in store             -/-                          PRU     cit  f/f

Henry H. Barrett                 44    mw         farmer                     125/2000                 NY         cit
Mrs. Cora                          25     fi             k/h                                                       OR      r/r
Emma                               11    fi                                                                         OR      /w
George                                9    mi                                                                       OR
William                                7    mi                                                                       OR
Frank                                  4    mi                                                                        OR

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