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School Lists were found in the old Clackamas County Files.

Early Oregonians:1800-1860
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"Oregon Native Son"
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Biographies and Genealogical Information

There are a lot of Clackamas County Biographies already indexed and transcribed.
Some can be found here. There are more here.
There are Clackamas County bios in the USGenWeb Archives

The Centennial History of Oregon
1811 - 1912
Volume's II. III, IV
The S J Clark Publishing Company
Chicago, 1912

An Index will be created for folks with a connection to Clackamas County.
Stay tuned...


An Illustrated History of the State of Oregon
H. K. Hines, Author;
Published by Lewis Pub. Co.,
Chicago, 1893
There is an index here, but it does not break down by County.
I will create an index for folks with a connection to Clackamas County

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My Ancestors lived in various locations in Oregon
Here is a list of the Locations & Names - Happy to compare and share.
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